– DOCTOR100 heat roller is particularly effective for patient of back pain, herniated lumbar disk, sciatica, and degenerative spine, spine thorns, neck, and shoulder pain, acute and chronic headache.

+ Other than the effects of common acupuncture points roller, Doctor100 heat roller uses its spreading heat to directly impact on tendons, muscles, ligaments, joints muscle relaxant, anti-spastic muscle relaxes muscles , spine. The hot temperature helps for muscle relaxant, circulation increasing by vasodilatation, which increases metabolism and nutrition in place, thereby reduce and cut the pain.

+ DOCTOR100 head roller with system of massage rubber nipples with appropriate elasticity combined with the heat that directly impact along the spine, shall effectively stretch the spine in order to reduce the pain and relax the spine; stretch the spine, open the adapter holes that pressure on the root of nerves to reduce or loss root symptoms. In addition, it can reduce the pressure inside the disc that helps it to enhance nutrition and reduce the degenerative process, in some cases of the mucous core can return to the equilibrium position, the loop backs in the past conditions, free pressured circuit and nerve root.

– The heat from the roller with enhanced system of massage particle help to massage, pressure acupuncture points as well as impact on reflex points of the feet, hands soles especially for patients suffering from cold, or weak conditions.

– To use heat roller and place it on the abdomen and nape from 5 to 10 minutes before sleeping to relax, circulate blood, strengthen the digestive function and prevent abdominal distension that help patients to easily fall asleep and sleep deeper.

+ It is suitable for the youth, middle-aged, elderly, and patients with the height from 1.5m to 1.75m.

+ It is specially suitable for the subjects who back pain, herniated lumbar disk, sciatica, degenerative spine, spine thorns, shoulders neck pain, acute and chronic headache

+ It is appropriate to practice in hospital, at home, in office or gym.

1. Consulting and guiding to apply DOCTOR100:

+ Check the health, measure the body condition index, status of spine, musculoskeletal.

+ Consultants and guidance for applying DOCTOR100 method

+ Guide 7 basic exercises and courses of treatment in accordance with client condition.
+ Length:

– 3 sessions within 01 month (It should be taken place a time of every 7 days for 3 consecutive weeks)

– 30 – 60 minutes/ session

– Address: in the nearest DOCTOR100 center.

+ For far instances, the center will contact us for advice and guidance in accordance with the condition and reserves to the collective orientation to the center after that.

2. DOCTOR100 heat roller


+ The inside steel core is dry heat system, system of heat transmission and maintain, safe with relay self-disconnected in case of sufficient heat.

+ Covering of steel core is tube of medical rubber tube including massage knobs with appropriate elasticity that is associate foundry, friction, abrasion, temperature.

+ The thorns part in two tops is to impact on the acupuncture points and reaction points on the soles of feet and hands.

+ Rubber rings in two tops are safe to create the friction when moving the roller.

+ One end of the roller is plugs with light and safe fuse.


– Elasticity and the appropriate size of the particle system of medical rubber massage is instead of the fingers of the doctors to help pressure into the acupuncture points, correct bones and joints deviation gently and create comfort for practicing

– Combine with the heat system, create better and faster efficiency with DOCTOR100 head roller in prevention, treatment, and treatment supporting of acute and chronic spines.

– Rugged structural steel core with dry heat safety system ensures long use and convenience.

– It is safe and suitable for many objects using in different conditions.

– It is simple, easy to train, easy to carry and move.

+ Weight: 7.0 (+/-5%) + diameter: 100mm + length: 815mm

+ Capacity: 220v – 500W + Period for heat maintaining 45 – 60 minutes.

Guidance for use:

– Keep the roller dry without liquid penetration into the core temperature.

– Not to use the heat rollers while plugging in to avoid twist the wires that cause electric shock.

– Started to use: Plug at the front of the roller, then plug in the power socket. After 3-5 minutes, the lights shall be off (relay automatically disconnect with enough heat). After 3 minutes, the lights turn off, it can start for using (the heat from the core shall transferred to the roller surface in about 3 minutes that ensure the temperature for the users).

– To enhance the heat, constantly plug power for about 10-15 minutes (ensure the lights of for the second time), the amount of heat collected shall be highest and effect for maintaining heat in about 60 minutes.

– After the lights off (relay automatically disconnect in case of enough heat), pull the plug in the socket out, and then use the DOCTOR100 method or guidance of doctor, and specialists.

– In the case of plugging without lights or high temperatures above 45°C, then unplug and contact DOCTOR100 center for advice. Hot line: +8424 355 77645

3. Warranty regime

03 years for the structure of DOCTOR100 roller, 12 months for the electrical parts of DOCTOR100 specific heat roller, maintenance with fee in next 3 years for electrical components if any.




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