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Standards of DOCTOR100 Roller

Giuong con lan-2DOCTOR100 roller has been studied and developed in accordance to vary of conditions and requirements, size, material, elasticity, the reflex points, etc, to impact simultaneously on tendons, muscles, bones, joints, nerves, blood vessels and the acupuncture points; to help for acupressure massage, correction deviation, freeing pinched, spinal rehabilitation and care of the body.

Description:   DOCTOR100 Roller is the hinge joint consisting of 3 main parts:

+ The first part is rubber rings to create friction for training

+ The thorns part in two tops is to impact on the acupuncture points and reaction points on the soles of feet and hands

+ The middle part covered by silicon or leather massage particle system, safe Simily to massage, impact on the entire body including acupuncture points, tendons, muscles, bones, joints, nerves, etc.


Standards of DOCTOR100 Roller:

+ DOCTOR100 roller is manufactured by monolithic wood that is selected from standard wood of 18-20 years and ensured technical requirements, processed in 45-60 days under the standard processing of DOCTOR100 center.

+ Rubber rings are safe, elasticity and friction that fit for the collection, safe material for users.

+ The thorns part in two tops is to impact on the acupuncture points and reaction points on the soles of feet and hands

+ DOCTOR100 Middle covering: System of silicon or leather massage particle, or patterned Simily increase friction and well affect to the users; it is easy to clean the roller covering.

+ Leather bags: durable, easy to storage and move. There is bag imprinted personal information of DOCTOR100 Center.

+ DOCTOR100 functional bed for rehabilitation

+ It is used for patients with polio, stroke, or weak conditions.

giuong-con-lan-doctor100-1-  Characteristics of DOCTOR100 roller:

+ Its structure is durable, stable, and long-term use

+ It is safe for user

+ It is suitable for many objects and used in different conditions.

+ It is simple, easy to practice, and move

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