Set of hospital standard DOCTOR100 - DOCTOR100

Set of hospital standard DOCTOR100

con -lan-doctor100-tieu-chuan-benh-vien-200SET OF HOSPITAL STANDARD DOCTOR100: including advice and guidance in 3 sessions, DOCTOR100 roller with HOSPITAL STANDARD, leather bag, DOCTOR100 instructional DVD.

Price: 1.980.000đ

A. Benefits of use:

+ Treat diseases at hospital or at home according to the instructions of DOCTOR100

+ Train and promote health.

+ Self-massage to relax the entire body, weight loss and keep bodies balanced.

B. Target customers:

+ Consistent with young women and men, middle-aged people, old people with average body condition.

+ Consistent with people whose height is 1,50m - 1,70m

+ Suitable for practicing at home and at the office or gym.

C. Details:

1. Advice and applications guidance of DOCTOR100 WITH HOSPITAL STANDARD:

+ Check health, measure the index of body condition, spine and skeletal muscle state.

+ Experts advise and guide applications of DOCTOR100.

+ Guide 7 basic exercises and treatment processes is consistent with bodies of clients.

+ Duration: - 3 days within 1 month (every session should be spaced 7 days in 3 consecutive weeks)

                 - Each session from 30 - 60 minutes

                 - Location: At the nearest DOCTOR100 center.

+ In case clients who live far away from the center, the center will contact to advise and guide in accordance with the body and reserve instruction session when they come to the center.

2. DOCTOR100 roller with hospital standard

con -lan-doctor100-tieu-chuan-benh-vien-400
+ Features of DOCTOR100 roller:

- Durable, stable structure, long-term use.

- Safe for users

- Consistent with many multiple users and use in different conditions

- Simple, easy to practice and convenient to bring and move.

+ DOCTOR100 roller is manufactured by monolithic wood selected from wood with standard from 18 to 20 years, ensure the technical requirements. They are processed in 45-60 days according to the standard procedures of the DOCTOR100 center.

+ Safe rubber washer, materials for users; elasticity and friction are appropriate for users.

+ Middle upholstery of DOCTOR100: leather upholstery, easy to clean

+ Weight 4.5-5kg (+/-10%)

+ Diameter: 100mm

+ Length: 815mmm

3. DVD DOCTOR100 disc

+ DOCTOR100 Methods: Principles, scientific basis and evaluation of scientists and people who use DOCTOR100

+ Indications and contraindications

+ Video of 7 basic exercises, 3 advanced exercises, three additional exercises.

+ Design and trademarks of DOCTOR100 rollers and DOCTOR100 disc is registered in Vietnam and international Department of Intellectual Property.

4. Warranty: 03 years for DOCTOR100  roller with hospital standard.

Read more about the warranty: WARRANTY POLICY

5. Leather bags: durable, easy to carry and move. There are personal bags and imprinting information and documentation of DOCTOR100 center.

D. Price:

1.980.000 dong. National free shipping. Free delivery and guidance at home for areas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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