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Therapeutic exercise of headaches, vestibular, blood pressure – Basic exercise No.3

Effect: To treat headaches, insomnia, stress, neck pain, degenerative neck vertebrae, shoulder pain, nape, and vestibular, cerebral circulatory insufficiency.
To help balance blood pressure, improve memory and eyesight


+ Acupuncture points: Bach hoi, Phong phu, A mon, Thien tru, Phong tri, An nien 1, An nien 2, E minh, E phong, Dai tru

+ Nerves: Nerves III, VII, IX and X, the optic nerve, the nerve nodes under the jaw, ear ganglia parotid gland, of autonomic nervous system.

+ Muscles: the long neck, long head muscle, the rectus head first, head straight muscle side.

+ Bones: External occipital tumor and occipital, protruding vertebrae of spine.

Video training on treating headaches cerebral circulatory insufficiency, vestibular

How to practice:

1. Continuously lay on their back, overlap nape on DOCTOR100, two hands hold the two heads of DOCTOR110 and roll from right to left and back again to the top.

2. Lie on a straight arm to the side ribs, a hand stretched out across the floor, roll from the top to acupuncture points under the left ear to the right.

3. Lay at original posture, two hands closely keep the head of DOCTOR100, put the roller close the floor so that the top of head can expose to the DOCTOR100, then roll the top of head from Bach hoi acupuncture point to the nape on DOCTOR100.

4. Roll the roller of 5-10 times for each time.

Note: Do exercise full of 7 basic exercises will complement and help to quickly and efficiently treat.

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