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Space for practicing

con-lan-doctor100-nguyen-ly copy-  Place of practicing must be cool in summer and warm in winter. Practicing on the mat or wood floor

- It should regularly practice with a relaxing spirit, confidence, and persistence under the guidance suitable with your health situation

- It should practice on a specific time of the day. Time for each practice is about 15 minutes in the morning after waking up and finishing all personal hygienic procedures and 15 minutes in the evening (before bedtime is 30-60 minutes)

- Gently practice for the first time, then increase intensity of practice gradually and it is not necessary to practice exercises in order

- Coordinate practice with a suitable diet, proper living activities, and regular body movement

- During practice, if any abnormal phenomena such as dizziness, practice should be stopped temporarily.

-  During the first time of practice, it is advised to go to the Center DOCTOR100 for further free consultancy and instruction 3 times.

-  For labor who gets tired, it should practice 3-5 minutes before their continuance of work to get better efficiency.

-  Proper time division for each time of practice, spend more time on the painful area (A acupoint)

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