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Indication and contraindication

con-lan-doctor100-chong-chi-dinh-180DOCTOR100 is based on traditional Chinese medicine basis, Yumeiho therapy and methods of impacting on reflection points of the sole of foot. So, scope of treatment is very large. Despite that this method is completely suitable with most of people, to make sure about its effects and safety; it is needed to follow instruction and requirements as follows:

I. Indication for DOCTOR100 inner the room, self-treatment, and treatment support:

* Back pain, cervical spine degeneration, spinal debenture, disc herniation, sciatica and musculoskeletal diseases.

* Headache, insomnia, stress, blood pressure, vestibular, impaired cerebral circulation

* DOCTOR100 also is a method of self-massage to relax the body and practicing to improve health, increase resistance, lose weight, and shape up beautifully and anti-aging

II. Contraindication

1. Contraindication DOCTOR100

a. Medical emergency diseases: myocardial infarction, acute respiratory failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, worms in bile duct, acute pancreatitis, high fever.

b. Organ hemorrhage, fractures unhealed

c. Skin diseases with sores and infections

e. Unhealthy or pregnant women

g. Schizophrenia, people who are affected by high level stimulants (drunk)

h. Spinal tuberculosis, final stage kidney failure. No practice for the lumbar part if patient gets kidney stone or doctor’s contraindication

2. Notes for DOCTOR100

- It may be painful in waist for the first times, but it no longer causes pain for the next times

- It is needed to relax the body without stressing yourself to feel your body’s movement on the roller. By this way, effects of the roller will put on longitude and latitude system, acupoints and the whole body.

- No sitting up directly when the roller is under your back (it can cause spinal injury), it is advised to move the roller out of the body, inclining your body and rising up your hand against the floor to sit up gradually.

- For people who get low blood pressure, impaired cerebral circulation, degenerative cervical vertebrae, during the first time of practicing for neck, shoulders, it should use a soft tower to cover the roller’s thorny-shaped nodes system to make the body familiar with roller and gentle practice for the neck region. Before sleeping, put rollers on the bed, put it under the neck 10-20 minutes, to enhance the blood pumping to the brain and anti-degeneration. When practicing on the neck, and the upper back (from the shoulder down to scapula), if it appears vertigo, dizziness, it should stop and pay more attention to manipulate slightly in this area.

In the first 30 days, practicing at least 30 minutes / day in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. Each action of rolling and pressing at one point should be repeated 5-10 times. It should not practice too much or too hard because during practicing DOCTOR100, people will immediately feel comfortable and tend to want to do it many times so it may have unwanted results

-     It is needed to practice DOCTOR100 regularly, it is not an advice to practice irregularly or stop practicing after the pain is reduced because pain can come back.

III. 7 requirements for practicing DOCTOR100:

1. Correctly follow indication and contraindication

2. To do 7 basic exercises, each action applied on one specific area should be repeated 5-10 times. Repeating one action too many times or too strongly can cause unwanted results.

3. Depending on health status and specific diseases, especially, the elderly or thin persons, it is possible to reduce the intensity, time and quantity of practicing as well as reducing difficult actions.

4. It is not necessary to practice in order; easy manipulation should be practiced in advance and increased its difficulties gradually. Do exercises gently and gradually, just increase its difficulties and intensity of practicing when it become familiar

5. Regularly practice in a specific time during the day, in the morning after personal hygienic procedures and in the evening (30-60 minutes before going to bed). Each time of practicing should be 15 minutes.

6. During practicing, relax the whole body with comfortable thought will increases roller’s effects on longitude and latitude system, acupoints and the whole body. Regularly practice correctly is an important exercise to bring a quicker result.

7. Place of practicing should meet the following conditions:

        a. Ventilated air, cool in summer, warm in winter without direct blowing of wind

        b. Practice on the floor with soft mat, on the wood floor. It is possible to use pillow to support your head

        c. Listening to music, film and talking comfortably during practicing

IV. Preparation and how to breathe during practicing DOCTOR100:

-  Before practicing:  Spend 3 minutes to relax and breathe

Sitting with crossed legs, 2 arms left with comfort, palms opened up against the knees, back straight, relax the whole body.

Regularly breathing slowly and deeply

It brings effects of relaxing and comforting the body before practicing.

- During practice: Continue to follow the principle of breathing, and then breathe out slowly, evenly and deeply.

Notes for action of folding belly and exhaling correspondingly

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