Exercise for sciatica and osteoarthritis - DOCTOR100

Exercise for sciatica and osteoarthritis - basic exercise no 1

Effects: treatment of sciatica and osteoarthritis, amyotrophia, circulation stasis of the lower limbs, muscle numbness, and leg cramps

Impact on the reflex points on the soles of the fee; stimulate all organs, endocrine glands to help the body balance and converse


+ Acupoints: Hoan khieu, An mon, Thua phu, uy trung, Hop duong, Thua an, Phi duong, Phu duong, Thua sơn, Can viem diem, Con lon …

+ Nerves: sciatica, musculocutaneous nerve of leg, peroneal nerve

+ The muscles: buttocks, great adductor muscle, musculus gracilis, tendon muscle, membranous muscle, timbales, muscles soles and quadriceps

+ Bones and joints: hip, femur, tibia, and groin joints, vertebral joints, the joints of the upper and lower limbs, etc (this practice will impact on movement of bone and joints and help loosen the groin muscle and open acupoint system)

Instruction video:

Manner of practicing:

1. Place the center of the heel on the thorny-shaped parts of DOCTOR100, hands are against the back, gently bend the knee to roll and press the sole of the feet on  DOCTOR100 to toes, repeat this action 10 times. It is possible to sit on a chair with hand resting on the thigh, or stand upright with hand rails to roll and press soles of the feet on thorny–shaped nodes of DOCTOR100 to increase effects to the reflex points of the feet’s sole.

2. Place your ankle in the middle of the roller, horizontally press 5 to 10 times and move 5-10 cm to the heel and continue to press horizontally. When DOCTOR100 reaches to the knee joints; then it is careful to roll on the Uy Trung acupoint 10 times.

3. In case of sitting on the floor; placing DOCTOR100 under the knee joints, hands are placed on the floor tightly and horizontally with the body, leg is stretched out. Use force of both hands to lift the buttocks and push backward, legs is gradually closed; repeat this 5-10 times.

4. Notes for the elderly or people with weak hands: 2 hands must cling closely with the body, roll a distance of 20-30 cm on the section below the thigh, then remove DOCTOR100 to another area or put the buttock on the floor and horizontally roll the thigh on the DOCTOR100. 

5. See illustrative images: Picture 3: roll and press the whole legs on DOCTOR100

Notes:  Practice together with the first exercise added will increase effects better and quickly push back stasis of the legs and support for other exercises of DOCTOR100.

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