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Exercise for correcting hip bones – Basic exercise No.5

Affects: To treat nerves pain, joint and bone degeneration, muscle atrophy; to correct hipbones, spine; to reduce excess fat of thighs, abdomen; to help for toned thighs and legs.


+ Acupuncture points: Yen du, Trat Bien, Bach Hoan du, Yeu ky, Hoi duong, Hoan khieu, etc.

+ Nerves: The lumbar plexus, sciatica, hip nerves

+ Bones and joints: Pelvis, hipbones, hip, sacrum, etc.

Videos for guiding

How to practice:

1. Lie on your back, legs and thighs form right angles, put DOCTOR100 on the final bones, both hands holding the two ends of DOCTOR100.

2.  Legs are stretched out and lifted slowly forming right angles to the abdomen and lower legs slowly to the floor under the original position 5-10 times. If you want more weight training, then stretch out. Slow movements.

3. Lay on above posture; put DOCTOR100 under the final bones; both hands hold the heads of DOCTOR100; lift the left leg perpendicular to the floor; roll the body to the right so that the left foot touches the floor; lift the left leg perpendicular to the floor; gradually drop the legs down; do it again with rolling the right legs to the left (5-10 times). Keep slow movement and relaxed body.

See illustration "Image 5: bend body on foam roller“


Note: Practicing the 2nd additional exercises ahead of this exercise will help soften and melt belly fat, waist, rapid weight loss, increase the efficiency of the fifth basic exercises.

Video of second additional exercise

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