Back spondylitis treatment exercises - DOCTOR100

Back spondylitis treatment exercises - Basic Exercises No 6

Effect: Treatment of back pain, back spondylolysis, herniated disk, and hip offset correction, deviated scoliosis


+ Acupuncture points: Thien mong, than du, Yeu duong quan, Dai trang du, Quan nguyen du, Tieu trang du, Bang quang du, Hoa đa giap tich, Thiên tru, đại truy, Kiên trung, Phong Mon, Phe Du. And the rest of acupuncture points of Bladder Kinh, mạch đốc.

+ Nerves: 31 pairs of alive nerves, the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic, the plexus.)

+ Muscles: stairs, shoulder muscles, back muscles, splenius muscle of head, spinal muscle of neck, lumbar rib pelvic muscles.

+ Osteoarthritis: hip bones, the vertebrae neck, back, waist, shoulder joint...

Instruction Video

Manner of practicing:

1. Supine, put sacrum on DOCTOR100, two legs perpendicular to the floor, two hands hold two header of DOCTOR100 and body relaxes. If you feel pain, then lift your back slightly.

2. Press cross from the sacrum to the middle of lumbar by bunching two knees and leaning two legs to the right and left 5-10 times. Move DOCTOR100 from 5 to 10 cm on the back and continue to press horizontally. Stop when DOCTOR100 come to the middle part of two spines.

3. Keep your back straight, stretch legs and thighs forming the right angle (90 degrees), slowly lean back about 45 degrees, two forearms resting on DOCTOR100, gently placed one third point of the spine (the chest ) to DOCTOR100, hands on belly or hands behind his head, buttocks enhancement, press cross back on DOCTOR100 near nape and back nearly 5-10 times.

Note: Do not roll over to the buttocks, only rolling just before vertebra of exiting to avoid being hurt.

4. Lie on your back, put nape on DOCTOR100, two legs perpendicular to the floor, two hands on belly, press nape on DOCTOR100 from day 5-10 times at each position.

Lie on your left side, roll back 5-10 times.

Lie on your right side, roll back 5-10 times.

See illustration: "Picture 6: Press cross from the sacrum to nape on DOCTOR100"


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