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Weight reduction, healthy body

Do regularly exercise with a DOCTOR100 roller in order to helpgiam can for blood circulation, balance metabolism, reduce belly fat, balance hormone, lessen wrinkles, and anti the age effectively.

Mechanism of weight reduction, healthy body of DOCTOR100

+ Principal:

1. Soften the excess fat

2. Dissolve the excess fat

3. Closely coordinate with suitable diet to reduce daily intake excess calo

4. Balance metabolism

+ When the DOCTOR100 roller moves on the belly, lower abdomen to soften abdominal and waist fat. After that advanced exercises is to dissolve excess fat and slowly and stably help for toned body. There are many people who do not practice as specified in the principle: they are excess weight and exercise with strong power, the excess fat shall be frozen, it makes the fat to be hard for dissolving; that is reason why after stopping practicing, they still increase their weight, even more than before.

+ When the foam roller open the acupuncture points of back and abdominal section, the congestion is cleared to balance metabolism, restore visceral functions without any disturbance, therefore, DOCTOR100 for metabolism balance is the origin to keep good body and standard weight. In some cases, people are overweight due to metabolism imbalance, therefore, although they do not eat much, they still increase their weight, body condition is not good due to overweight, and spine is under load, which reduces resistance and increase many risks of endocrine diseases and osteoarthritis degenerative.

+ Coordination with exercises shall help to control the calo daily in-took in the body. Practicing of Doctor100 also helps to toned body, prevent and limit risks of diseases including blood fat cardiovascular, diabetes, urinary and genital, help the body to healthy and balance in long time.

* Advantages of DOCTOR100:

- To only use 15 minutes for each time at home and find out remarkably effective after 7 days in accordance with the guidance.

- Relax and reduce stress quickly after each time, thanks to acupressure massage rollers up hundreds of acupuncture points, tendon, muscle, bone, nerve joints of the body at once.

- To lose weight slowly, do not need more than abstinence hormonal and metabolic balance of the body.

- To strengthen resistance, enhance immune prevention against disease.

- To improve sexual function and be effective with certain impairment, sexual dysfunction.

- To suitably move the body, synchronously restore, and develop muscles, keep balance body, and anti-aging in case of maintaining regular exercises.

- DOCTOR100 provides consulting services and guidance slimming Weight reduction processing:

+ To measure of body condition index: fat percentage, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, body mass index BMI, and metabolic rate

+ Expert advice and guidance 7 basic and enhanced exercises with supplementary materials consistent for the condition the client.

* Weight reduction processing I: It is applied for new patients using DOCTOR100

Additional exercise 2: Roll surface DOCTOR100 on abdomen, chest

Effects: To treat constipation, menstrual disorders, prostate tumors, weak physiology.           

             To soften and dissolve belly and waist fat 

To practice this exercise, and 3 advanced exercises to quickly reduce fat, keep good body, and enhance the toughness

Video of additional exercise 2

Basic exercise 4: Roll and shake from the thigh to the foot soles

Affects: To treat neuropathic pain is, joint degeneration, muscle atrophy, lower limb circulatory stasis, body aches, numbness and leg cramps.

            To reduce excess fat of thighs, abdomen; to help for toned thighs and legs.


+ Acupuncture points: Hoan khieu, An mong, Thua phu, Uy trung, Hop duong, Thua can, Phi duong, Phu duong, Thua son, Can viem điem, Con lon, etc

+ Nerves: Than kinh toa, Than kinh chay, Than kinh mac, etc

+ Muscles: Gluteal muscles, the large joints, slender muscle, muscles tendons, femoral biceps, the sale brought, gastronomies muscle, the sandals, the label, and square muscle

+ Bones and joints: Hip bones, femur, tibia, and hip joint, vertebral joints, the joints of the upper limb and lower limb, etc (This action makes all the bones and joints to move, helps loosen the groin and open acupuncture points systems)

Video for guidance of basic exercise 4

Basic exercise 5: Bend the body and hip

Affects: To treat sciatica, hip joint, back pain, spondylosis back, correct hip, spines.

            To reduce abdominal and thighs fat; to help for toned abdomen and waist

+ Acupuncture points: Yeu du, Trat bien, Bach hoan du, Yeu ky, Hoi duong, Hoan khieu etc

+ Nerves: lumbar plexus, hip and sciatic nerve

+ Bones and joints: Pelvis, hip, hip joint, sacrum, etc

Video for guidance of basic exercise 5

Weight reduction processing II: It is applied for the new patients using DOCTOR100 after 1 continuous month

Additional exercise 3: Face the abdomen and thighs on DOCTOR100

Effects: To quickly soften and dissolve the abdominal, waist, and thighs fat.

To practice this exercise, and 3 advanced exercises to quickly reduce fat, keep good body, and enhance the toughness

Video of additional exercise 3

Advanced exercise 1: Roll and move along the thighs to the foot soles.

Effects: To treat sciatic nerve pain, joint degeneration, muscle atrophy, circulatory stasis of the lower extremities, muscle aches, numbness and leg cramps.

To affect the reflex points on the soles of the feet, stimulate all organs, endocrine glands balance metabolism.

Reduce thighs, abdomen fat; firm the thighs, legs; and enhance toughness.

Video for guidance

Advanced exercise 2: Press abdomen, blend hips and body


To treat back pain, back spondylosis, sciatica, hip joint; to correct hipbones, misses scoliosis.

To reduce abdominal, waist and thighs fat; to firm abdomen, thighs, legs; to rapidly reduce weight, to keep good body, to enhance toughness.

Video for guidance

Advanced exercise 3: Roll the back


To treat back pain, back spondylosis, sciatica, hip joint; to correct hipbones, misses scoliosis

To reduce excess fat, to help for waist, abdomen, thighs, and legs firming and toughness

* Video for weight reduction, good body

Video for guidance

- User’s opinions for weight reduction

“I have had a set of Doctor100 since March; I have regularly practiced for 10 months, used 15 minutes/ day. Fortunately, I have no any problems, at now. I can work in 24h. I cannot go to the doctor and drink painkillers. The work is with only one rhythm. It is very difficult. Now, it is not difficult for me. I think that I can live without Doctor100. I become slim, reduce 8-10 kg. I am interested. My abdomen is flat gradually” (Sigi, Office Staff)

Doctor Le Thuy Oanh – Director of Vietnam Transplant Hospital for Rehabilitation in Budapest, Hunggary – gives some opinions:

“Practicing DOCTOR100 processing has the same effects as regular reflexology, and massage on nerves system; therefore, it is very useful in preventing diseases including degenerative spine, degenerative spine, muscle pain, pollen allergies, digestive, and rehabilitation. Other than effect of treatment, practicing DOCTOR100 can reduce fat, firm muscles, enhance regulation in the body, make the skin more beautiful, and balance nerves conditions in the life”

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