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Treatment of disc herniation with DOCTOR100

tu-chua-thoat-vi-introDOCTOR100 - Applies Yumeiho therapy to correct crooked spine and extend spine naturally, rebalance wrong postures of the spine, push back diseases: back pain, neck pain due to tamponade, deviated and crooked spine spine degeneration, sciatica, and herniated disc


Normally, disc located between two vertebrae with mucus-coated fiber shell in the center. Thanks to the elastic properties, the disc is functioned as a shock release part to protect the spine from injury

People over the age of 30, disc is no longer soft, mucus can become dry, outer fibres are easily torn out and cracked. On such basis, if there is a strong force impacting on the spine, mucus can go through the cracked part into ventricle of myelon causing tamponade on nerve roots and pain and complications. Then, it is known as disc herniation and often accounts for 70% of spinal pain.


A- Reasons of spinal disc herniation:

1- Spinal injury

2- Wrong and bad posture during working and living activities

3- The elderly and spinal pathologies, congenital or acquired such as spina bifida, hunchback, crooked or degenerative spine

4- Genetic impactions from parent who have abnormal disc structure, then, their children are easily herniated

B- According to traditional medicine, the herniated disc can be caused by followings:

1- Kidney failure: kidney function is weak, indisposition, coldness penetrates into bladder, causing pain and movement limit. After a period of time, it will affect the kidney. Long period of indisposition lead to hot temperature, the muscles are weak and atrophic... thoat vi dia dem doctor100-2

2- Blood Stasis: Because of over-endurable works or wrong posture or injuries, etc, it causes blood statis and congestion of longitude and latitude system, abnormal blood circulation, blood circulation causes painfulness and restricts movement.


- The most prominent syndrome is spinal and nerve roots pain with recurrent pain and its painful period is 1-2 weeks, sometimes, it is in intense pain silently or increased pain when counghing or moving related to spine. If not treated, this situation will be prolonged indefinitely. 

- Disc herniation on the vertebra will cause the pain in the area of neck spine, shoulder and arm

- Herniated disc on the lumbar spine will spread out pain from the back spine to front of the chest and along the intercostal space.

- Disc herniation on the lumbar area leading to sciatic nerve pain

- Patient’s posture: Straight back or bending on the painful side to fight against the muscle spasms. Sometimes, because of being overpainful, patient must lie on the bed motionlessly to release pain. Movement ability has been remarkably reduced and it is difficult to perform movements: bending, turning upward, tilting, swiveling.

- During spinal disc herniation, it will affect the hands, patients could not lift their hand or shrink, stretch it out. If the lumbar area affects sciatica, patients may not lift their toe and heel; gradually, atrophy, leg numbness, urine and stooll uncontrolled will appear.


In the fact, diagnosis of disc herniation is not easy; it is often mistaken with other diseases. Such aforesaid syndromes are just suggestions.

X-ray diagnosis normally can not detect herniated disc because the disc itself is not adiaphanous, thereby, it is impossible to realize on film, so the only way is to indirectly evaluate injuries through a narrow image of bifida and scoliosis

Accurate diagnosis must be based on modern tests, such as computerized tomography, magnetic resonance, etc. As a result, injuries, position of disc herniation into the spinal canal and spinal stenosis caused by herniated disc will be identified.


hinh-anh-thoat-vi-dia-demDisc herniation results many consequences and serious complications:

- It may lead to lifethrough disability caused by tamponade of spinal marrowing, the lumbar nerves and smooth muscles which creates a hindrance in uncontrolled defecation and urination.

- In addition, it may lead to amyotrophia in patients and lose the ability to work together with the major impact on life, happiness and life of the patient.

V – Treatment method: it is available many treatment methods:

a - Medical treatment with analgesics such as paracetamol, codeine Efferalgon; Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as cerebrex, Mobic ... muscle relaxants: myfonal or injected into the epidural hydrocrtison (where it is sterilized).

b - Surgical treatment: in case, using other treatment methods is not effective with the occurence of dangerous complications, methods of percutaneous surgery to remove the disc must be applied. However, this method is rarely used.

c – Therapy of physical treatment:

- Impact on spine to extend spinal germ to move disc back its normal position

- Extension of spine

- Wear the belt to reduce the impact on Disc

- Acupuncture, massage, acupressure.

- Use infrared ray, laser, short-wave, magnetic field.

d- Method of self-treatment of disc herniation with DOCTOR100


This is the a generalized method of treatment among scoliosis correction of Yumeiho therapy with massage, acupressure of the Chisese Medicine and impaction on the reflexion points of the sole of feet. Patients manipulate on DOCTOR100 with the guidance of experts, doctors at the center and the hospitals with successful application of DOCTOR100 method in treatment and control spinal pain.

This method will affect the tendons, muscles, bones, joints, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, and acupoints of back, shoulders, neck, lower limbs and abdomen to create a continuous reaction at the same time with a good effect in treatment of disc herniation.

* Mechanism of treatment of disc herniation of DOCTOR100: DOCTOR100 uses the body’s weight to roll, lean and press on the roller which helps:

-  Correction of crooked spine, extension of spine naturally, rebalancing wrong postures of the spine

-   Self-massage and acupressure in a broad area at the same time basing on rubber –made massage nodes functioned as doctor’s fingers.

Releasing compress on the nerve roots originated from the spinal marrow, cleared blood circulation and spinal rehabilitation.

- Exercises DOCTOR100 help spine to be extended naturally and supple and recover spinal and disc injuries

The spine stretched naturally extends the vertebra cavity, releases tamponade against nerve roots, open the way for the movement of mucus into its original position, and recover the balance of muscle of ligament system. Additionally, it has effect of clinical pain release caused by muscle relaxation, reducing internal disc pressure, freeing pinched nerve. Gradually increase the movement of spine, recover disc position and reduce sequelae.

When DOCTOR100 is placed under the deviated or crooked hip or spine, the body weight is pressed on the roller plane in combination with the activities of rolling, pressing, leaning on to create a balance, self-adjustment to its available balance position. This effect releases tamponade and makes the cleared blood circulation, balance yin and yang, recovery of spinal function and of the body, increase of resistivity and release of diseases.  That is the mechanism of Japan Yumeiho therapy in releasing the compress and recovery of disc and spinal function

- Mechanism of self-acupressure and massage on the longitude and latitude system and effects on reflex points of the sole of the foot applied to the roller help circulate blood, enhance function of internal organs, improve health, recover injuries and diseases related to spine faster.

Practicing DOCTOR100 for the back, hip and leg brings effects of self-massaging and acupressuring of lumbar spine into the painful area of spine (Du channel’s acupoints on the vertebral spine), painful points of the spinal edge (acupoints of Bladder’s channel), painfull points along the way of sciatic nerve (acupoints of Bladder’s channel) and sciatica. It also has impactions on important acupoints of the back and related areas and improves the function of kidney and visceral functions including kidney, bladder, larger intestine, tam tieu du, menh mon, yeu duong quan, hoa da giap tich acupoints, etc 

DOCTOR100 method has a broad impact simultaneously to muscles, bones, joints, nerves, especially in the back part of the body; corrects deviated and crooked hip, spine, releases the tamponade of the spine and pinched nerve. Acupoints system cleared helps promote blood circulation, strengthen the function of organs.
At the same time, discs, muscles, bones, joints are stimulated and nurtured better; help restore and enhance the functionality bring back positive effects for the treatment of spinal and musculoskeletal diseases, especially for degeneration of the spine and disc herniation.


* Contraindications to practice DOCTOR100

a. Medical emergency cases: myocardial infarction, acute respiratory failure, gastrointestinal bleeding, worms in bile duct, acute pancreatitis, high fever.

b. Organ hemorrhage, fractures unhealed

c. Skin diseases with sores and infections

e. Unhealthy or pregnant women

g. Schizophrenia, people who are affected by high level stimulants (drunk)

h. Spinal tuberculosis, final stage kidney failure.

* Unwanted things when practicing DOCTOR100

- If practicing correctly, it will not occur unfortune incidents.

- It may be painful in waist for the first times, but it no longer causes pain for the next times.

- There are bruises or skin scratch in the back by strong manipulation, if the body is too thin, it should stop until such phenomenon does not exist.

- During practicing for the upper part of the back (from the shoulder down to scapula), if appearing vertigo and dizziness, it should stop and pay attention to manipulate slightly in this area for the next time

- Each action should repeat 5-10 times. It should not practice too much or too hard because during practicing DOCTOR100, people will immediately feel comfortable and tend to want to do it many times so it may have unwanted results

* Notes to disc herniation treatment with DOCTOR100:

- It is needed to practice in a correct manner with instruction and consultation of Expert DOCTOR100 during accessing this method, especially, acute pain, severe disc herniation or unhealthy body.

- In the period of acute pain, it is needed to manipulate gently and avoid strong actions causing increased pain. Avoid the painful area and practice just surrounding the painful area. Avoid long contact with the position of disc herniation because it can cause more serious disc herniation. Practice and adjust it basing on the body’s feeling. In the period of reduced pain, it is possible to practice completely (with full effect and synergy) and increase of level of practicing.

- It is needed to practice DOCTOR100 regularly, it is not an advice to practice irregularly or stop practicing after the pain is reduced because pain can come back.

- Coordinate DOCTOR100 with other suitable methods such as yoga, respiratory practice, swimming, etc together with proper nutrition regime for better treatment.

- After 7 days of appling  DOCTOR100, it is necessary to contact DOCTOR100 center for further consultation and instruction about the therapy and the next manner of practice (Hotline: +8443 5577654)


A-    TREATMENT THERAPY for patients who get dorsal disc herniation:

1.   Exercises for back pain and disc herniation treatment:

+ Effects: Treatment of back pain, disc herniation, degenerative back vertebrae, correction of crooked hip and scoliosis

+ Manipulation time: from 3-5 minutes

+ Impactions:

- Acupoints: Mệnh môn, Thận du, Yêu dương quan, Đại tràng du, Quan nguyên du, Tiểu tràng du, Bàng quang du, Hoa đà giáp tích….and the remaining acupoints of Bladder Channel and Du channel

- Nevers: 31 pair of nerves, the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic, the plexus)

- Muscle: scale, shoulders, saerospinal muscle, back muscles, splenius muscle of head, neck spine muscle,

- Osteoarthritis: hip, the neck and back vertebra, waist, shoulder joint

(Watch video)

2.    Exercise for treatment of circulatory stasis of the lower limbs, leg numbness

+ Helps blood circulation, relaxation of the thigh and back muscle, support for correcting spine and recover the damaged disc.

+ Time to manipulate is 2-3 minutes

+ Notes: For the elderly or the new practicers, just horirontally roll and shake legs on the DOCTOR100

(Watch video)

3.    Exercise for self-extension of spine no 1:


+ Stretch of the whole body and extension of the back.

+ Lying the body on the floor in a relaxing manner, bending knees with 2 feet in perpendicular, then gently lifting the butt to put DOCTOR100 into vertebrae cocygiae.

+ Stretching one leg which is on the side of more painful spine, losing 2 hands and putting upstraight to the head, gradually use force of the sole of feet to create extension for toes and heel, 2 hands reaching out to the top to create extension for the whole body for self- stretching spine from 30 seconds to 1 minutes, then repeat 1 to 3 times (you should listen your body and manipulate gently and adjust to a suitable level with patient)

4.    Exercise for self-extension of spine no 2:

+ Extension of muscle, hip joint, self-extension and correction of spine

+ Lying the body on the floor in a relaxing manner, bending knees with 2 feet in perpendicular, then gently lifting the butt to put DOCTOR100 into vertebrae cocygiae.

+ Stretching one leg which is on the side of more painful spine, putting the sole of the remaining leg on the stretched leg in perpendicular way and hip joint is of throughout stretching. 

+ Hold tightly two ends of DOCTOR100 by hands and push down the leg, keep it stretched during 30 seconds-1 minutes, then repeat 1-3 times ((you should listen your body and manipulate gently and adjust to a suitable level with patient)

B- TREATMENT THERAPY for patient with neck disc herniation:

1. Basic exercises no 2:

+ Help open the acupoints of the back, neck and extend back, neck muscle and pain release

2. Basic exercise no 3: roll and press from the neck, under the ear to top of the head

Effects:  Treatment of cervical disc herniation, degeneration of cervical vertebrae, insomnia, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain,   vestibular pain, impaired cerebral circulation  

Help balance blood pressure, improve memory and vision.


+ Acupoints: Bách hội, Thái dương, Phong phú, Á môn, Thiên trụ, Phong trì, An niên 1, An niên 2, Ế minh, Ế phong, Đại trữ ...

+Nerve: nerves no III, VII, IX and X, the optical nerves, the nerve nodes under the jaw and ear of the autonomic nervous system.

+Muscles: neck long muscle, head long muscle, straight muscle of frontal head, straight muscle of its side.

+ Bone: Bones: external occipital and occipital bones, vertebrae C1, the neck vertebrae.


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