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Treatment for headaches, vestibular, blood pressure

con-lan-doctor100-tri-dau-dauA- Application of Japan Yumeiho therapy into treatment of headaches, insomnia, impaired cerebral circulation caused by pinched neck vertebrae which is originated by wrong postures, degeneration, cervical disc herniation, etc.

- Spine play a very important role to human’s life. Spine is lengthened along the bottom of the skull to the end of the back, it covers and protects spinal cord. Spinal cord includes nerve cells, nerve fibre bundles (spinal nerve roots) connecting all parts of the body to the brain and controlling the whole body

- Cervical and dorsal scoliosis caused by wrong postures daily: injuries or diseases related to structure of muscle-bone-spinal joints cause tamponade and direct or indirect impactions on spinal nerve roots which are the main reasons of regular numbness and pain of pinched areas, injured points or changed area on the way of nerve roots and affect spinal nerve function.

- Typical diseases related to head, neck, and shoulder: headache, shoulder, and neck pain caused by cervical vertebrae degeneration, cervical disc herniation; headache, insomnia caused by nerve stress or impaired cerebral circulation, etc.

- Especially, wrong working postures and actions of living activities which are against natural performances such as bending which causes scoliosis, narrowed chest space, pinched internal organs without adequate performance of its ability, specifically, the limited pulses of heart and unenough amount of blood to the cell cause to degenerative osteoarthritis; tamponaded blood vessels cause to impaired cerebral circulation


* Mechanism of DOCTOR100:

- In replacing of manipulation of Doctor or massage expert, DOCTOR 100 uses the body weight to roll, press on the roller to self-adjust the lumbar and cervical spine to its balancing position.

- Therapy of DOCTOR100 Help lumbar and cervical spines to be stretched naturally, release the tamponade against nerve roots and blood vessels. When the body presses on the roller, in such position, self-correction effect of the joints, nervous system circulation, and pressure on the blood vessels are increased, regional cells are nurtured effecting the better strength and pain release of muscle, bone, and joint. 

Simultaneously, when spine is extended and balanced, its cavity will be enlarged effecting the reaching of blood to pinched muscle, bone, joints helping the recovery of degenerative muscle, bone and joints.

- Back bending on the roller will expand the chest space and create a favorable condition for a better operation of heart and lung and internal organs. These are the main applications of Japan Yumeiho therapy in taking care of and recovering lumbar and cervical spines

- Mechanism of self-massaging and acupressuring on the roller in replacing of doctor’s fingers will impact on longitude and latitude system to clear the blood circulation resulting better treatment of nervous and circulation diseases.

+ For the nervous system: when DOCTOR100 impacts on acupoints and massages on the longitude and latitude system with appropriate intensity, it will create new reflections replacing the old reflections, prevention and release of disease factors on the acupoints and longitude and latitude system and it at the same time occurs 3 reactions:

1. Local reactions, that creation of the autonomic nervous system’s reflections will increase vasomotor, leukocyte and antibodies against pathogens.
Reflection of the autonomic nervous system will change the nature of injuries; reduce swelling, heat and hurt. It means a reduction of edema, hypothermia, blood congestion and pain

Local reflection bringing back clinical practical has meanings as a basis of local treatment method or surrounding area where injuries cause pain

2. Nervous segment’ reaction: nervous segment includes branches of 31 spinal nerves pairs which control the movement, sensation of one area located on the back of the body which has a close relation to one organ. Nervous segments are located at a position corresponding to the autonomic nervous system; this system governs the movement of the organs.

Comparative table about relation between internal organs and nervous segments

3. Body reaction is the reaction that the central nervous system creates effects on vegetative nervous system  impacting on the internal organs, glands and the various organizations of the body, creating changes about liquids (acetyl choline, Morphine-like, progesterone, Adrenalin ...) which help enhance the metabolism and compensating for hormonal deficiencies, mobilizing the potential capability of the body against diseases.

+ Circulatory system: effects of acupressure massage DOCTOR 100 accelerate the speed and the amount of blood circulation; strengthen the metabolism between blood and cells. The organizations provided oxygen and nutrients better help regulate the functional disorder or recover injuries. Acupoints are properly impacted to balance blood pressure and possibly adjust balance

Furthermore, acupoints are places where hydrogen (kinh khí) is transported to assure a close circulation and communication between the human and nature and a relation of physiology and diseases of the viscera. When the body gets disease, acupoints generate changes in physical power; with the impaction of DOCTOR100 into hundreds of acupoints on and outside the longitude route will regulate the function of viscera, mobilize the comprehensive ability to fight disease and create impactions in series on a large area and force balanced at the areas where DOCTOR 100 passes through.

DOCTOR100 method: Have broad impact simultaneously to tendons, muscles, bones, joints, nerves, circulation, and release the compression of the spine, nerve and blood vessels. Acupoint system is opened, especially, acupoints of back, neck, head, which are functioned to promote the circulation of blood, balance yin and yang, strengthen organs’ function, bring back the positive effects for the treatment of neurological and circulatory diseases: headache, insomnia, impaired cerebral circulation caused by pinched cervical vertebrae which is caused by wrong posture, degenerative cervical vertebrae and herniated disc.

* Advantages of DOCTOR100:

♦ The method has been successfully applied to large hospitals and the Community

♦ No usage of medicine and applied to all members of the family, hence, it is more saving

♦ Only 15 minutes of practicing at home and the effect reveals apparently 7 days after instruction with complete treatment of disease.

♦ Relaxing with enjoyable feeling and releasing stress quickly after each time of practicing basing on roller of self-massaging and acupressuring on thousands of acupoints at the same time

♦ Enhance resistance and immunity to prevent diseases

♦ Improve sexual desire and have a fixed effect on the sexual impairment and dysfunction.

Maintenance of practicing DOCTOR100 regularly helps the whole body to be practiced properly, lose weight, and keep the body in a good shape and anti-aging

B- TREATMENT THERAPY for patients with headache, insomnia, neck and shoulder

Exercises for treatment of headache, insomnia: roll and press from shoulder, below the ear to the top of the head.

Effect: Treatment of headaches, insomnia, stress, neck pain, degenerative spinal vertebrae, shoulder pain, vestibular, impaired cerebral circulation
Helps balance blood pressure, improve memory and eyesight.

Impactions :

+ Acupoints: Bách hội, Thái dương, Phong phú, Á môn, Thiên trụ, Phong trì, An niên 1, An niên 2, Ế minh, Ế phong, Đại trữ ...

+ Nerve: nerves no III, VII, IX and X, the optical nerves, the nerve nodes under the jaw and ear of the autonomic nervous system.

+ Muscles: neck long muscle, head long muscle, straight muscle of frontal head, straight muscle of its side.

+ Bones: external occipital and occipital bones, vertebrae C1, the neck vertebrae.

Video exercise for treatment of headache, impaired cerebral circulation and vestibular

Notes: To do 7 basic exercises fully will help support in treatment quickly and effectively.

* Video about interviewing patients who get insomnia and headaches

Ms Nguyen Thi Hue, Hanoi who gets cervical spine degeneration, headaches, insomnia, etc. had got acupuncture therapy for many times, got support from medicine to releases pain and exercised at a fitness center but it is just effective in a short time

* Notes for prevention and self-treatment and treatment support with DOCTOR100

- It is needed to practice in a correct manner with instruction and consultation of Expert DOCTOR100 during accessing this method, especially, acute or chronic pain, severe pain or weakness.

- In the period of acute pain, it is needed to manipulate gently and avoid strong actions causing increased pain. Avoid the painful area and practice just surrounding the painful area. Practice and adjust it basing on the body’s feeling. In the period of reduced pain, it is possible to practice completely (with full effect and synergy) and increase of level of practicing.

-    It is needed to practice DOCTOR100 regularly, it is not an advice to practice irregularly or stop practicing after the pain is reduced because pain can come back.

-    Coordinate DOCTOR100 with other suitable methods such as yoga, respiratory practice, swimming, etc together with proper nutrition regime for better treatment.

-    Application of DOCTOR100 after 01 week, please contact with DOCTOR100 center to get more consultant and introduction the Weight reduction processing and the following exercise methods. (Hotline: +84435577645)

-    Note: To practice the DOCTOR100 method, patients should read the directions carefully specified and contraindications as well as requirements for exercise space.

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