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Treatment for back pain and spinal degeneration

Extension of the spine naturally will extend vertebra space, release the compression on the nerve roots, open the way for the movement of mucus into its original position, and recover the balance of muscle of ligament system. Additionally, it has effect of clinical pain release caused by muscle relaxation, reducing internal disc pressure, freeing pinched nerve. Gradually increase the movement of spine, recover disc position and reduce sequelae.

DOCTOR100 - apply Japanese Yumeiho therapy to correct deviation and extension of spine naturally, to balance all wrong postures of the spine aiming at pushing back diseases: back pain, neck pain caused by spinal deviation, compression and degeneration, disc herniation, sciatica and other musculoskeletal diseases


* Mechanisms of prevention, self-treatment and treatment support: DOCTOR100 use the body weight to roll, lean, press roller which helps:

- Adjust deviation, extension of spine naturally; balance all wrong postures of spine

- Self-massaging and acupressuring in a large area at the same time basing on the function of rubber-made massage button as doctor’s fingers.

Releasing the pinched nerve roots originated from the spinal marrow, cleared blood circulation, and spinal rehabilitation.


When DOCTOR100 is placed under the deviated or crooked hip or spine, the body weight is pressed on the roller plane in combination with the activities of rolling, pressing, leaning on to create a balance, self-adjustment to its available balance position. This effect, which is extended weekly, monthly and yearly, makes the cleared blood circulation, balance of yin and yang, recovery of spinal function and of the body, increase of resistivity and release of diseases. That is the mechanism of action of Japan Yumeiho therapy in correcting crooked hip and spine by rollers DOCTOR100 in replacing of spinal specialist.


- Exercises DOCTOR100 help spine to be extended naturally and supple and recover spinal injuries, treat completely back pain.

The spine stretched naturally extends the vertebra space, releases compression against nerve roots, open the way for the movement of mucus into its original position, and recover the balance of muscle of ligament system. Additionally, it has effect of clinical pain release caused by muscle relaxation, reducing internal disc pressure, freeing pinched nerve. Gradually increase the movement of spine, recover disc position, and reduce sequelae.

Muscle and ligament are practiced in balance properly weekly, monthly with massage button system in a suitable elasticity of roller DOCTOR100, thereby, it brings back a strong and supple health to maintain spine in daily movement of the body


DOCTOR100 helps extend the spine naturally.

- Mechanism of self-acupressure and massage on the longitude and latitude system and effects on reflection spots of the sole of the foot applied to the roller help circulate blood, enhance function of internal organs, push back diseases, improve health, recover injuries and diseases related to spine faster.

Practicing DOCTOR100 for the back, hip and leg brings effects of self-massaging and acupressuring of lumbar spine into the painful area of spine (Du channel’s acupoints on the vertebral spine), painful points of the spinal edge (acupoints of Bladder’s channel), painfull points along the way of sciatic nerve (acupoints of Bladder’s channel) and sciatica. It also has impactions on important acupoints of the back and related areas and improves the function of kidney and visceral functions including kidney, bladder, larger intestine, tam tieu du, menh mon, yeu duong quan, hoa da giap tich acupoints, etc  

DOCTOR100 method has a broad impact simultaneously to muscles, bones, joints, nerves, especially in the back part of the body; corrects deviated and crooked hip, spine, releases the compression of the spine and pinched nerve. Acupoints system cleared helps promote blood circulation, strengthen the function of organs. At the same time, discs, muscles, bones, joints are stimulated and nurtured better; help restore and enhance the functionality bring back positive effects for the treatment of spinal and musculoskeletal diseases, especially for degeneration of the spine and disc herniation.

* Advantages of DOCTOR100:

♦ The method has been successfully applied to large hospitals: the Central Military Medical Hospital 108, the Central Acupunture Hospital, Functional recovery Hospital in Budapest Hungary, The Traditional Medical Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital.

♦ No usage of medicine and applied to all members of the family, hence, it is more saving

♦ Only 15 minutes of practicing at home and the effect reveals apparently 7 days after instruction with complete treatment of disease.

♦ Relaxing with enjoyable feeling and releasing stress quickly after each time of practicing basing on roller of self-massaging and acupressuring on thousands of acupoints at the same time

♦ Enhance resistance and immunity to prevent diseases

♦ Improve sexual desire and have a fixed effect on the sexual impairment and dysfunction.
Maintenance of practicing DOCTOR100 regularly helps the whole body to be practiced properly, lose weight, and keep the body in a good shape and anti-aging.

* Opinion of user DOCTOR100 for backpain and osteoarthritis pain treatment:

Mr. Jone Harter, an American living in Vienna, Austria, gets back pain for many years caused by labor accident, had undergone many methods of treatment without result. By practicing DOCTOR100, he had got effect after 7 days of practicing and become health after 18 months.

* Notes for prevention, self-treatment and treatment support of back pain and musculoskeletal pain with DOCTOR100:

- It is needed to practice in a correct manner with instruction and consultation of Expert DOCTOR100 during accessing this method, especially, acute or chronic pain, severe pain, or weakness.

- In the period of acute pain, it is needed to manipulate gently and avoid strong actions causing increased pain. Avoid the painful area and practice just surrounding the painful area. Practice and adjust it basing on the body’s feeling. In the period of reduced pain, it is possible to practice completely (with full effect and synergy) and increase of level of practicing.

- It is needed to practice DOCTOR100 regularly, it is not an advice to practice irregularly or stop practicing after the pain is reduced because pain can come back.

- Coordinate DOCTOR100 with other suitable methods such as yoga, respiratory practice, swimming, etc together with proper nutrition regime for better treatment.

- After 7 days of applying  DOCTOR100, it is necessary to contact DOCTOR100 center for further consultation and instruction about the therapy and the next manner of practice (Hotline: +84 43 5577654)

* Practicing exercises for treatment of backpain, osteoarthritis, disc herniation, spinal manipulation

(Click the title to watch video)

1. Exercise: treatment of backpain, disc herniation no 2

2. Exercise: hip manipulation no 5

3. Exercise: back spondylosis no 6

4. Exercise: crooked scoliosis treatment no 7

* Evaluation of scientist about DOCTOR100:

Professor and Scientific medical doctor Bui Dai- Major general- People’s Army force’s Hero- People’s Doctor- Member of New York Academy of Science, US- the former Head of the Central Military Medical Hospital 108 commented that:

 “This is a non-medicine method- a prentive and treatment method that patient does not have to rely on someone else. It is based on a science that using the body weight to roll, press, lean on the roller along the spine, sympathetic, and parasympathetic nerves in which nerve knots and blood vessel will manipulate the entire of internal organs. It also has good effects on diseases treatment and improvement of human health”.

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