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Extension of the spine naturally will extend vertebra space, release the compression on the nerve roots, open the way for the movement of mucus into its original position, and recover the balance of muscle of ligament system. Additionally, it has effect of clinical pain release caused by muscle relaxation, reducing internal disc pressure, freeing pinched nerve. Gradually increase the movement of spine, recover disc position and reduce sequelae.

tu-chua-thoat-vi-introDOCTOR100 - Applies Yumeiho therapy to correct crooked spine and extend spine naturally, rebalance wrong postures of the spine, push back diseases: back pain, neck pain due to tamponade, deviated and crooked spine spine degeneration, sciatica, and herniated disc

con-lan-doctor100-tri-dau-dauA- Application of Japan Yumeiho therapy into treatment of headaches, insomnia, impaired cerebral circulation caused by pinched neck vertebrae which is originated by wrong postures, degeneration, cervical disc herniation, etc.

Do regularly exercise with a DOCTOR100 roller in order to helpgiam can for blood circulation, balance metabolism, reduce belly fat, balance hormone, lessen wrinkles, and anti the age effectively.

co so khoa hocDOCTOR100 based on Oriental Medicine, Japan Yumeiho therapy and method acting on the reaction sites on the soles of feet to cure a wide range.

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