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Principles of self-treatment of DOCTOR100

DOCTOR100 is a natural therapy of self-caring and self-functional recovery of the spine

I. Principle of DOCTOR100: use the weight of the body to roll and lean on the roller which helps:

- Naturally adjust the deviation or extension of the spine, balance all wrong postures of the spine

- Automatically massage and acupressure in an intensive area at the same time basing on rubber –made massage nodes functioned as doctor’s fingers.

 Release the pressure on the neural roots from spinal cord, circulation of blood and recovery of spinal function.

DOCTOR100 helps patients adjust and take care of their spine by themselves, wrong movement or degeneration of hip bone mainly caused by wrong working postures and unnatural activities such as bending forward causing deviation of spine or impactions of the age, dietary imbalance, environment pollution cause pinched nerve and blood vessel leading to back pain, neck pain, headaches, impaired cerebral circulation, sciatica, musculoskeletal and neural diseases related to spine


Applications of DOCTOR100:

1. 15 minutes for each time, the effect will become clearer after 7 days of practicing under the instruction.

2. Treatment of spine-related diseases

Back and neck pain due to degenerative vertebrae, herniated disc, and sciatica.

- Headaches, impaired cerebral circulation, insomnia

DOCTOR100 is a natural method of massaging the whole body, practicing to improve health, lose weight, make the body beautiful, and prevent the body from aging effectively.

* Professor and Scientific medical doctor Bui Dai- Major general- People’s Army force’s Hero- People’s Doctor- Member of New York Scientific Academy, US- the former Head of the Central Military Medical Hospital 108 commented that:

“This is a scientific method affecting the whole body, including tendon, muscle, skeleton, joints, nerves, especially sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves as well as acupoint in the back, stimulated in an extensive area at the same time. It also has good effects on diseases treatment and improvement of human health”.

II. Scientific basis: DOCTOR100 is a generalization of 3 methods applied broadly in the world:

-  Japanese Yumeiho therapy - Adjustment of deviation of hipbone and spine

-  Therapy of affecting longitude and latitude system of traditional Chinese medicine

-  Therapy of affecting reflection points of the palm of hand and foot

1. Japanese Yumeiho therapy - Adjustment of deviation of hipbone and spine

According to study of Dr. Masayuki Saionji, spine plays a very important role to human being’s life. Spine is lengthened along the bottom of the skull to the end of the back, it covers and protect spinal cord. Spinal cord includes nerve cells, nerve fiber bundles (spinal nerve roots) connecting all parts of the body to the brain and controlling the whole body

According to evolutionary medicine, most spine are horizontally structured, only human being is against natural evolution with straight spine and 2-leg movement, disc is under more serious pressure causing fatigue and deformation of joints of spine and easy deviation of hip bone

Deviation of spine caused by wrong working postures and unnatural domestic activities, particularly, bending posture leading the scoliosis and injuries or illness related to muscle-skeleton-joints structures of spine or the tamponade and direct or indirect impaction on spinal nerve roots. These are the main reasons of pain and permanent numbness of the pinched spots, injuries or regional changes on the way of nerve roots and impactions on spinal nerve function

Because of scoliosis, thoracic space is narrowed down; pinched internal organs get congestion without working at its best possibilities such as the limited number of heart pulse causes the unenough blood to cells leading to the degeration of osteoarthritis, pinched blood vessels causes anencephalohemia leading to impaired cerebral circulation

Another reason is the congenital varus and deviation: Dr. Masayuki Saionji said that 1 out of 1000 cases has a normal hip bone, the remaining gets different deviation that 99% belongs to congenital reasons when the babies try to get out of their mom’s pelvis with physical impacts of uterine contractions. Gradually, people grow up, walk by their legs, and work with wrong postures, deviation become worse. When hipbone is deformed causing the deformation of backbone and creating the pinched tendon, muscle, bone, joints, nerve. As a result, it brings back poor blood circulation, which is the reason of spine-related diseases.

To settle with deviation, Saionji has used the force of fingers, hands, elbows, knees to impact on hipbone, spine to adjust thme to its original position. That is named as Yumeiho therapy. This therapy is popularized in 73 nations worldwide.

+ In replacing of Doctor’s manipulation or massaging expert, DOCTOR 100 uses the body weight to roll, press, and lean on the roller to adjust the deviation and marus of the hipbone, spine to its balanced position.

+ DOCTOR 100 helps stretch the spine naturally and release the compression. Disc, muscle and bone are stimulated for better nutrition to recover and enhance. Hence, it has effects in spinal treatment and control, especially, spinal disc herniation

2. Therapy of affecting longitude and latitude system of traditional Chinese medicine

Longitude and latitude system is interlaced in distribution throughout the inner body to external organs and muscle and skin.

DOCTOR100tridaulungWhen the body rolls on the roller DOCTOR100, it has the effect of self-massaging, acupressure, and massage on the longitudinal and latitude system basing on health massage rubber nodes functioned as fingers of doctor in helping blood circulation, balancing of yin and yang, enhancing function of internal organs, pushing back diseases, improving health and preventing injury and diseases related to spine with better improvement.

Practicing DOCTOR100 for the back, hip and leg brings effects of self-massaging and acupressuring of lumbar spine into the painful area of spine (Du channel’s acupoints on the vertebral spine), painful points of the spinal edge (acupoints of Bladder’s channel), painful points along the way of sciatic nerve (acupoints of Bladder’s channel) and sciatica. It also has impactions on important acupoints of the back and related areas and improves the function of kidney and visceral functions including kidney, bladder, larger intestine, tam tieu du, menh mon, yeu duong quan, hoa da giap tich acupoints, etc  

3. Therapy of affecting reflection points of the sole of the foot:

Many parts of the body, neural system, endocrine gland have a close relation to some reflection spots of the palm of leg. According to the Dr. William H. Fitzgerald in the United States, sole of the food are divided into 2 parts:

+ The font half of reflection spot has a relation to the pituitary gland, pineal gland, heart, lung, spleen, liver, stomach, lumbar vertebrae, sacrum and sciatica.

+ The rear half of reflection spot has a relation to kidney, bladder, digestive organs, genitals, lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, and sciatica.

huyet-dao-gan-ban-chanSmall numbs at two sides of the roller DOCTOR100 impact on soles of the foot to massage and acupressure, size of reflection spots, thereby, will enhance its activities to balance metabolism of the relevant organs and endocrine glands which compensate the hormone adequacies of the body and strengthen function of internal organs for treatment of diseases and improvement of health.

Currently, DOCTOR100 has built 3 centers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vienna Capital-Austria and become a companion of hospitals: the Central Acupunture Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital, Military Medical Hospital 108, Vietnam Traditional Medical Hospital, etc. and provided Doctor100 to thousands of people for practicing and treating at home.

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