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History of DOCTOR100

bsnguyenngangSenior Lieutenant Colonel and military doctor Nguyen Ngang was born in 1932 in Co Do-Ba Vi-Hanoi. He was a former lecturer of Military Medical Academy from 1970 to 1991 majoring in superstructure pathology anatomy and studied in Cuba from 1977 to 1980

- In 1996: Dr. Nguyen Ngang had accessed and studied Yumeiho therapy of Dr. Masayuki Saionji when he had encountered with many diseases: degeneration of 4 dorsal vertebrae and 4 cervical vertebrae, high blood pressure 170/110, heart attack, prostate tumor, skin cancer coping with 2 times of surgery, reduced memory, big belly causing difficulties in movement.


- In such cases, to avoid dependence on Yumeiho expert, Dr. Nguyen Ngang had rolled his body weight on a metal pile (water pipe) and this had shown an outstanding effect with the obvious release of pain and better health, his diseases had disappeared only after 6 months, mental recovery and his health had recovered completely after 1 year. Now, he becomes a healthy and perspicacious elderly.

- From 1996 to 2003: Dr. Nguyen Ngang continued his study in developing roll method and applying into the Community for disease treatment

- Since 2003: roll method is disseminated to thousands of people through conference in Vietnam-Xoviet Cultural Palace in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Hanoi Women Foundation, the Elderly Newspaper, etc

- In 2007: DOCTOR100 Center was established with the contribution of Engineer Nguyen Tien Phuong, Ms Tang Thi Mai, BMG International JSC, Future Fund, etc to bring back a completely developed method of DOCTOR100 and DOCTOR100 roller


- In 2008: DOCTOR100 Center was established in Vienna, the Public of Austria and DOCTOR100 was successfully disseminated in Euro with the contribution of Engineer Nguyen Tien Phuong, Coach Tang Thi Mai, Dr. Le Thuy Oanh, BMG International JSC and Community in Euro

- In 2010: standardization of “Method of self-treatment and health improvement by roller DOCTOR100” and its products

+ Publishing book “Method of self-treatment and health improvement by roller DOCTOR100”


+ DOCTOR100 participates in scientific conferences theme “treatment and control of spine pain” of Singapore; Korea Seoul and Paris Fairs

+ Successfully apply the method DOCTOR100 in hospitals: Central Military Hospital 108, the Central Acupuncture Hospital, Bach Mai Hospital, Budapet Hospital-Hungary

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